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What to Do With Produce That’s About to Go Bad

Don't be scared to open your vegetable drawer anymore, here are some tips and tricks on what you can do with produce that is about to turn. Save your fridge, and your budget and start extending the life of your fruits and vegetables.               Soak your celery. The reason… Continue reading What to Do With Produce That’s About to Go Bad

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Thanksgiving prep guideline

Spend more time planning and less time panicking with this easy to follow and realistic prep guide. 1 week before: Get your bird! When it comes down to cooking a roasting a turkey for dinner, one very common question arises: how big of a turkey do I need. One popular rule states you should assume… Continue reading Thanksgiving prep guideline

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Cherish your memories with York Photo

School is starting and our kids will be gone ALL DAY!! While this brings us much joy, it also brings us some stress and we realize our kids are just growing up too fast! We all have those picture frames at our desk at work or home showing off how cute and adorable our kiddos… Continue reading Cherish your memories with York Photo

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Back to School tips (to make it easier)

This summer has flown by. My kids go back to school in just a couple of weeks. And I always struggle with keeping everything organized. So this month I am getting organized, getting creative and giving you all the Tips and To-Do’s! Tip: Decorate Notebooks and Pencils- This is another easy craft that will make your… Continue reading Back to School tips (to make it easier)

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StickerKid for the everyday Mom

StickerKid makes life easier for parents, teachers and kids with attractive and ultra-resistant name labels which clearly identify children's clothes, shoes, bottles, school supplies and other belongings that are too easily lost or difficult to identify at playgrounds, kindergarten, school, sports activities or camps. StickerKid offers thousands of possibilities to make them your own, with… Continue reading StickerKid for the everyday Mom

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DIY Cinderblock Garden

So you want to build a garden but don't want to spend a fortune? These cinderblock gardens will get your creativity juices flowing for sure! Whether its tomatoes, herbs flowers or even cacti  you can use cinderblocks instead of traditional pricy pots and planters. You probably have some in your backyard or see them tossed aside on the side of… Continue reading DIY Cinderblock Garden

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Life hacks to make your life easier

There are always these pesky little obstacles in life that make everything so difficult – pot always boiling over, zipper constantly getting stuck, not enough space for your things, so on and so on. The list gets longer everyday as we thramble through life. I have compiled a list for you to help make your… Continue reading Life hacks to make your life easier

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Spice up those Mason Jars

Mason jars have been all the rage lately and we all see those cute spruced up jars and wonder how you do it. Well I have a couple easy and quick spruces to give your mason jars that wont break your piggy bank (or mason bank, lol). Most of us have a hot glue gun… Continue reading Spice up those Mason Jars

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One Dollar DIY

I was strolling through Home Depot one day, and saw sheets and sheets of this pegboard. Ideas starting flowing. I needed a way to organize my accessories without spending a fortune. Then saw a little piece sitting off to the side, it looked lonely, lol. I found a guy in orange and asked him how much… Continue reading One Dollar DIY