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What to Do With Produce That’s About to Go Bad

Don't be scared to open your vegetable drawer anymore, here are some tips and tricks on what you can do with produce that is about to turn. Save your fridge, and your budget and start extending the life of your fruits and vegetables.               Soak your celery. The reason… Continue reading What to Do With Produce That’s About to Go Bad

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14 Valentine gift ideas for him

Let's face it, Valentine's day is more for women. We are spoiled and we know it! But that doesn't mean we can't make our men feel loved and wooed too. Here are some great ideas any man would love to receive this year. Lets start easy.. FOOD! Hey- they say that is the quickest way… Continue reading 14 Valentine gift ideas for him

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Get gut healthy, get happy!

Something that doesn’t get much attention but has a huge impact on your health is your gut. I know when I make poor food choices, drink alcoholic beverages or slack on my exercise or even when I am under a lot of stress I can feel it. I feel fatigued, bloated, gassy and I even… Continue reading Get gut healthy, get happy!


Healthy habits for back to school

Here we are in the middle of August getting our kids ready for school again! Where did the summer go? I don’t know about you but it takes us a few weeks to kick the Summer way of life and get into full gear again for School. Here are a few tips and tricks to… Continue reading Healthy habits for back to school

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Share the Luv

Attention Mom's everywhere, you won't want to miss this!! The official diaper of experienced moms, Luvs is offering big savings in this Sunday’s paper. Get your scissors out because there will be a high-value coupon offering $2 off any one diaper pack. And it gets better, Additionally, in partnership with Ibotta, Luvs is also offering a limited-time $5… Continue reading Share the Luv

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Cherish your memories with York Photo

School is starting and our kids will be gone ALL DAY!! While this brings us much joy, it also brings us some stress and we realize our kids are just growing up too fast! We all have those picture frames at our desk at work or home showing off how cute and adorable our kiddos… Continue reading Cherish your memories with York Photo

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Blueberry Power Bites

Eating healthy isn't always easy. I find myself eating the things that are convenient to grab and shove in my mouth by the handful! Not to mention, the snacks don't fill you up so you end up eating a lot more of them. NOT THESE! These bites are perfect to throw in a bag and… Continue reading Blueberry Power Bites

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14 Road trip games to play with kids

Taking a road trip with kids can be wonderful, IF you can keep them entertained. Here are 14 games to play while in a Car, RV or Plane. Even the adults will want to play these games! And even better, no batteries necessary! Where's the Alphabet? Perform this as teams or solo players. You'll want… Continue reading 14 Road trip games to play with kids

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Back to School tips (to make it easier)

This summer has flown by. My kids go back to school in just a couple of weeks. And I always struggle with keeping everything organized. So this month I am getting organized, getting creative and giving you all the Tips and To-Do’s! Tip: Decorate Notebooks and Pencils- This is another easy craft that will make your… Continue reading Back to School tips (to make it easier)

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StickerKid for the everyday Mom

StickerKid makes life easier for parents, teachers and kids with attractive and ultra-resistant name labels which clearly identify children's clothes, shoes, bottles, school supplies and other belongings that are too easily lost or difficult to identify at playgrounds, kindergarten, school, sports activities or camps. StickerKid offers thousands of possibilities to make them your own, with… Continue reading StickerKid for the everyday Mom