Easy Peasy Fluffy Roll Recipe

With everything going on right now, some of us cant find bread in the store. Its crazy, I know. Soooo I thought of sharing this amazingly airy and fluffy roll recipe you can make for several different things from pizza crust to cinnamon rolls. Your gonna want to keep this recipe around looooong after the current epidemic trust me!


This recipe makes 4 dozen rolls. You can cut it in half if you don’t have a giant mixing bowl, it works just as well!

Yeast mixture:
-3 TBSP Active Yeast
-1 TBSP Sugar
-1 cup warm water (think baby bath water) *

*the temp of the water is important. Too cold or too hot will kill the yeast. It needs to be the temperature you’d use for a newborn’s bath.

I measure this right into my 2-cup glass measuring cup and add the (1 cup) warm water. When the mixture bubbles/foams up to the top of the two cup mark it’s ready!



-9-10 cups all-purpose flour
-1/2 Cup sugar
-1 TBSP salt
-Yeast mixture
-3 cups warm water
-1/2 cup oil

Mix everything together and knead until dough is soft. It will be tacky, but not stick to your fingers. Add more flour if it’s too sticky.

Put in a greased bowl and cover with a towel for 1 hour (I place it on my stovetop)

Punch it down after it’s risen and give a quick knead.

Grease bottom of baking tray(s) (I use crisco shortening) and make 48 rolls.

Cover the rolls and let rise again for 1 hour.

When they are ready to go in your oven, put softened butter on the tops of each and a little sea salt.

Bake at 375° for 20-30 min.


FOR CINNAMON ROLLS: let the dough rise as normal then cut it into two or four equal portions. Roll one out and spread softened butter to the edges, sprinkle cinnamon and brown sugar, then roll up. Cut, place in a pan, and let rise for 1 hour before baking. I use cream cheese, powdered sugar and milk for the icing.


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