10 No Dye Easter egg ideas

Yes Mom’s, put that horrible dye away.. I am saving  clothes and carpets everywhere! Here are 10 fantastic and sanity saving ideas to have your Easter Egg decorating go off without a hitch.

Let’s get decorating!

First one is the easiest, buy cage free brown eggs and use a simple white or silver permanent marker to create simple and chic designs

Painted Brown Eggs

Second is also super easy, just let your kids decorate with washable markers! Just don’t let them get wet.


Next, we got tattoo’s!!! Super easy, speedy and the kids can even put a few on to match their eggs.


Now, lets get crafty-  pink pom poms and gold wire, ribbon or pipe cleaners will transform the eggs into rabbits, you can even have them create a bunny hutch out of an empty tissue box with some of that fake grass we put in their baskets.


Enter fancy and adultish zone.. gold tissue creates a perfect tablescape. I think even the teenagers would want to do these 😉


Put that extra yarn you have lying around to use. Or grab some from the dollar section.


Have fabric scraps? Modge podge those puppies, you can even mismatch them to create a quirky Easter egg.


Get detailed! Use some tissue paper and markers to create a nontradional egg, you could even try to do watermelon and pizza!


Put a splat on your Sunday! Set out some old sheets and let them go crazy splattering paint for this cool effect.


Now, if you wanna ditch the egg all together, I got something for ya… Egg shaped sugar cookies! Much easier and tasty to decorate.



Enjoy! & Happy Easter 😉

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