Details Matter

“This post was sponsored by P&G as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.”

Conquering crafts, recipes, kids and life are all about the little things. From great quality ingredients in my recipes to quality cleaning products to help me put my home and kitchen back together after the mess. Having two kids, a dog, a full time job and running my household keep me busy, not to mention exhausted at times. I depend on the little things, the details that help me get the job done. We are a messy family and have fun doing it. I depend on Bounty Advanced paper towels to help pick up all the messes we make while making memories and as easy and quick as possible. Bounty Advanced is Bounty’s most absorbent paper towel vs National Bounty select-a-size. The select-a-size adds value and allows me to stay on budget while getting the brand I trust and depend on.

As you can see below I can destroy my kitchen with only one meal! But cleaning up is no longer a chore when using Bounty Advanced paper towels, I can get one paper towel damp and it is strong enough to scrub that dried cupcake batter (from my amazing chocolate cupcakes) off my counters for good.

DM 1

When it’s time to wash the dishes after I allow them to sit in the sink for hours while I chase my kids around the house I would shilly-shally around until I could no longer avoid it. The dishes are my Nemesis! Why does it takes an hour to cook the meal, ten minutes to eat the meal and eight hours cleaning up after the meal? Probably because I used to hand rinse all my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, until I found Cascade Complete Action Pacs. They seriously saved me so much time and frustration and allows me to have extra time to spend with my Family. I can now skip the pre-rinse and get on with my day. With the power of Dawn, Cascade Complete Action Pacs you can end the pre-wash once and for all. No wonder they’re the TOUGHER TOUGH FOOD CLEANER. Try saying that five times fast, whew!

DM 2

Having such active kids they get stains from almost everything! I want to allow them to be kids and play outside and get dirty, but I sometimes wonder if they have competitions to see who can get their clothes the dirtiest. I have used Tide for years and save money by buying it at Costco which means a lot to me and my family. Now there is Tide Advanced Power and it is truly Tide’s best clean. I can get whatever stains the kids decide to challenge me out with their advanced stain fighting and whitening technology and color protectors and dinginess removal makes it Tide’s Best Clean. Not only is it great for your family’s clothes but those dingy kitchen towels that have been sitting out since you did dishes yesterday.

I love to combine Downy Unstopables for long-lasting freshness and it makes my house smell AMAZING! I usually use smelly-good air fresheners around my house, but when I use these I don’t have to, it makes my towels smell fresh for up to 12 weeks!

DM 3

I hope I have inspired you to try these products, they really do make my house go round and save me time that I can spend with my family. These P&G Household Needs products can be found at Costco. It’s the little things in these products that matter like the absorbency in Bounty Advanced paper towels, the toughness in Cascade Actions Pacs, the stain fighting in Tide Advanced Power and the fresh scent in Downy Unstopables that you just can’t find in any other products. My motto is to work smarter not harder and these products can help you do that.

DM 4

    Don’t forget to look for Procter & Gamble Household needs the next time your at Costco!



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