StickerKid for the everyday Mom

StickerKid makes life easier for parents, teachers and kids with attractive and ultra-resistant name labels which clearly identify children’s clothes, shoes, bottles, school supplies and other belongings that are too easily lost or difficult to identify at playgrounds, kindergarten, school, sports activities or camps. StickerKid offers thousands of possibilities to make them your own, with an extensive variety of colors, icons, shapes and fonts.


stickerkid cover

Do your kids arrive home missing a few things they left home with?  If they are anything like my kids, they leave their jacket in the playground during the winter and water bottles in the lunch room during summer. Nine times out of ten when they go to the lost and found to get back their belongings they either can’t find it or aren’t sure which is theirs. These super cute name labels help make life easier for your kids to find and keep their belongings. You personalize each label with your kids name, your contact info, teacher or classroom and make it special for them to show their personality and pick what color they want, which font, any fun characters or shapes.

I let my children pick out exactly what they wanted on each of theirs so they would be proud to to use it and show it off!

They have a variety of options that work for newborns to high-schooler’s and beyond!


They are water resistant, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, washer & dryer safe and even fridge and freezer safe! Durable and adorable.

You can see their full menu of labels and more here: StickerKid

Perfect for:

  • Summer Camps
  • Daycare
  • Classrooms
  • Home
  • Sleep overs
  • Birthday parties

Safety Bracelets

They have a whole section of allergy stickers and bracelets. You can feel safe about sending your Nut-free peanut to school with a bright and fun way to ensure everyone knows about their allergies.


Don’t forget to stop by StickerKid and see what they have to make your life easier!

I received product at no cost for my honest review.

And, as always I love to hear from you, please leave any comments, questions or ideas below!

2 responses to “StickerKid for the everyday Mom”

  1. We have some of these stickers and they are so much fun!


  2. Stephanie Larison Avatar
    Stephanie Larison

    These would definitely come in handy!


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