DIY Cinderblock Garden

So you want to build a garden but don’t want to spend a fortune? These cinderblock gardens will get your creativity juices flowing for sure! Whether its tomatoes, herbs flowers or even cacti  you can use cinderblocks instead of traditional pricy pots and planters. You probably have some in your backyard or see them tossed aside on the side of the street. If not, don’t fret, your local Home Depot or Lowe’s has them for around a dollar each, or less depending on the size and shape. They are located by the lumbar and come in different sizes, shapes, and with one or more holes and different heights as well.

You can spray pain them any color you want, even mosaic them and stack them in a million different ways. You can also use a squeeze on adhesive to give a better support if you plan on creating a tall planter. There really are endless possibilities!

cinderblock cover


  1. If you live somewhere hot (like Arizona) you may want to get a spray water repellent to use for the inside of the hole you will use. Otherwise you will find yourself watering them more frequently.
  2. If you plan on painting or mosaicking the outside let dry for 24 hours before you start planting. You don’t want the chemicals leaking into your soil.
  3. Plan out your design completely before gluing them together or start dumping soil in. You may change your mind after you see it set up, stand back and look at it.
  4. Have fun with it!! Its just cinderblocks, they can handle whatever you can imagine! 


Here are some ideas that will turn your thumb green, and your neighbors green with envy!

cinderblock garden 1

I try to use succulents whenever possible. They are so pretty and love the dry heat in Arizona. They don’t grow very fast so you wont need to worry about re-potting them right away.

cinderblock garden 2

I love the use of different heights. It really makes your eye wander to everything. You could use pieces of wood and secure it to the bottom of each planter so you could put the soil and the plant inside.

cinderblock garden 4

I like the use of the darker colors and the  rocks on top of the soil. And they are succulents!

cinderblock garden 5

This is a fantastic use of paint. You could even use stamps, templates, or a piece of salvaged wood fixed to the front.

cinderblock garden 6

This mosaic is awesome! Great idea to use those left over tiles from house projects.

cinderblock garden 8

I love the idea of using the cinderblock as the base of the floral arrangement. There are so many different possibilities.

cinderblock garden 7.jpg

Get your herb on!

cinderblock cover 1

You can even put them into your living spaces outdoors. They are sturdy enough to use for almost anything!


Thanks for coming, and as always if you have any comments or ideas of your own to share just enter them below!




2 responses to “DIY Cinderblock Garden”

  1. Such a different idea. Very cool.


  2. i love this! such great ideas 🙂


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