Life hacks to make your life easier

Life Hacks

There are always these pesky little obstacles in life that make everything so difficult – pot always boiling over, zipper constantly getting stuck, not enough space for your things, so on and so on. The list gets longer everyday as we thramble through life. I have compiled a list for you to help make your life just a little better and easier each day.

#1 Cut Onions without Tears by Moving Your Tongue

There are dozens of home remedies and old wives’ tales about cutting onions, and some of them work. But the absolute most effective method for chopping onions without tears doesn’t involve any extra equipment—just your tongue. When you cut into an onion, you break cell walls that contain sulfenic acid and enzymes, which mix in the air to create propanethiol S-oxide, a sulfur compound that can irritate sensitive tissues like your nose and eyes. To get rid of this vapor I recommend that you simply press your tongue hard against the roof of your mouth and breathe through it while you cut. This will pull the entire irritant into your mouth (which is much tougher), making it bypass sinuses and eyes so you can skip the tears.

#2 Shave Your Sweaters

Clean the pilling off a sweater by shaving it with a razor. Just like when shaving your own face, you need to be careful not to ruin the fabric. Using a women’s razor might be a safer bet.

#3 Use a Wooden Spoon to Stop Pots from Boiling Over

Every mom has experienced this—you’ve got a pot of water on the stove for pasta but get pulled out of the kitchen to deal with some kind of kid emergency. When you get back, the pot’s boiled over, making a huge mess all over your stovetop. There’s a super simple way to keep this from happening, though, and it involves a little bit of physics. When water boils to create foam it makes the air-water interface area much larger. But it also makes it more fragile, so if the bubble is popped the whole thing collapses. Laying a wooden spoon across the top of the pot creates a simple interrupting barrier that will stave off messes for several minutes.

#4 Hang Pots on Peg Board

Make more room inside kitchen cabinets by hanging large pots and pans on a peg board.

#5 Amuse the little ones

Seeking an almost-free way to chill out a cranky toddler? Of course you are! Just take a one-liter SmartWater bottle, added warm water, a bottle of glitter-glue and a tube of glitter in your kids favorite colors. Then super-glue the lids back on and, tada! A tantrum-prone child is instantly transfixed and calmed by the swirling, shimmering mixture.

#6 Fix a Stuck Zipper with Graphite

Believe it or not, rubbing graphite on zipper teeth will lubricate the zipper if it’s stuck.

#7 Hang Items Off of Bungee Cords

Instead of tossing them into your closet, use bungee cords to hang small items like sunglasses and scarves.

#8 Manage your children’s masterpieces

Are you wracked with guilt each time you toss a piece of your child’s precious “art?” Well, fret no longer. The ArtKive app allows you to take a digital picture of each creation and keep them organized. If your son or daughter creates a piece of pure genius, it also gives you the option to have the work printed on everything from canvas to a coffee mug.

#9 Save an old shower liner

A clear plastic shower curtain that has seen better days — i.e. one covered in soap scum and mildew — can be saved. Simply follow these instructions: Toss the shower curtain into the washer with a towel, a cup of detergent and a cup of white vinegar and run it through a gentle cycle. It’ll emerge as shiny and new-looking as the day you brought it home.

#10 Maintain a Garbage-Free Car

Keep a cereal container in your car so that your empty soda cups and used napkins don’t end up on the floor or in the back seat of your car.

#11 Scrub up

When your face is in need of a gentle exfoliating scrub, this DIY mask is the best. Simply take two or three uncoated aspirin, mix in your hand with a half-teaspoon of water, and apply to your face. After ten minutes, scrub in the particles to rid your skin of dead cells and then rinse. Aspirin is a natural source of salicylic acid — the active ingredient in many pricey skincare products — and this deep-cleansing treatment costs mere pennies.


If you have any life hacks that you use and you would like to share, just put them in the comment section below!  I love to hear from you guys 😉




2 responses to “Life hacks to make your life easier”

  1. GREAT ideas! Another one that I like is to put a few drops of essential lavender oil on my pillow, to relax me so that I’m able to fall asleep after a hard day. Love your blog! Keep up the good work!


  2. Your zipper trick may be a miracle!


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