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Spice up those Mason Jars

Mason jars have been all the rage lately and we all see those cute spruced up jars and wonder how you do it. Well I have a couple easy and quick spruces to give your mason jars that wont break your piggy bank (or mason bank, lol). Most of us have a hot glue gun… Continue reading Spice up those Mason Jars


White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie

You can thank me later! 🙂 This is an amazing and luscious dessert! I made smaller pies and made 5 total, one for each kid and three for me, he he hee. Ingredients 1 5.3 ounce box  pure butter shortbread cookies, preferably Walkers, broken 1/3 cup walnuts 1 1/4 ounce package  gelatin 2 eggs plus… Continue reading White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie


Wonton S’mores

Too busy to go camping? Make s'mores at home! Just as fun and minus the mess, and it only takes 15 minutes. When the kids are restless, I drag them into the kitchen to whip up a fun dessert. This could also be a great date night snack or movie treat. What you need: Wonton… Continue reading Wonton S’mores


Fried Chicken Sliders

These are finger licking good! You have to try them, your family will love them. Its a great weeknight meal that only takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. I already had most of the ingredients in my fridge or pantry. It totally taste like you ordered it at a restaurant. Here is what… Continue reading Fried Chicken Sliders


BBQ Chicken Pizza Rolls

When its pizza night at my house, there's three different people wanting three different things. My son just wants cheese, my daughter wants bbq chicken and I want something spicy. Normally we have to order two different pizza's and a side of hot wings. I came home from work, wanted pizza and didn't feel like… Continue reading BBQ Chicken Pizza Rolls


Chicken Salad Bowls

I love a sandwich you can eat with only hand! This is one of my favorites. You only need a handful of really great ingredients. I found these small dinner rolls at Target, cut a whole in the top and dug out the extra bread, I filled the hole with my Chicken Salad mixture which… Continue reading Chicken Salad Bowls


Rainbow cake drops

This dessert was born from my Rainbow Roll recipe, which you can find here: Rainbow Roll Recipe You basically take the colored batter and pour them into layers in a Wilton Cake Pop silicone form and bake at 275 for 25 minutes. Ice as desired and enjoy!  


Rainbow Roll

Show your colors with this rainbow roll! All you need is one box of white cake mix, food colorings of your choice, icing and sprinkles. Separate the cake mix into one bowl for each color and mix. Then pour the colored batter into a zip lock baggie and trim the very edge off. Then grab… Continue reading Rainbow Roll


Breakfast of Love

With Valentine's Day just a day away I came up with a great way to surprise your sweetheart with breakfast in bed! Who doesn't love a delicious meal made with love waking them up on Valentine's Day? I know I would! All you need is eggs, toast and a heart shaped cookie cutter. Add a… Continue reading Breakfast of Love


5 layer Magic Bars

These are my go to dessert bars for any occasion! They are super simple, quick easy and only have a handful of ingredients. You can customize the few ingredients there are for people who can't have nuts or don't like butterscotch. I can't wait for you to try them! Ingredients: ✓1 1/2 cups graham cracker… Continue reading 5 layer Magic Bars