Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Art

Here are some great ideas for your various chalkboards for Valentines Day.

I like to get or make smaller chalkboards so I can scatter them around the house for Holidays or cute little notes to my kids. The “Be my Valentine” in written on a silver platter that I got from Goodwill and spray painted with chalkboard paint. You can use it to deliver your sweetheart breakfast in bed, or that special gift you will be giving them this Valentine’s day.

The other chalkboard with “Love the little things” is written on a premade chalkboard you can also hang that I got at Michaels Craft store.

You can check out their inventory here:

2 responses to “Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Art”

  1. Fantastic idea, and super cute. Where did you find the different size chalkboards?


    1. Hi Megan, thanks for the great comment! I made the platter using chalkboard paint and bought the other one at Michaels after the holidays on clearance for only $2.30. During any holiday they put out different shaped chalkboards for that holiday. I wait until about a week after each holiday and then raid their clearance. For example I got a pumpkin shaped one after Thanksgiving and a ornament shaped one after Christmas. They usually also have generic shapes along with them like the one I posted above.

      Hope this helps Megan, feel free to contact me if there is anything else I can help with!


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