Wine tastings 101

I love having wine tastings with the ladies. I am always looking for little things that separate mine from the rest. This sign is made out of a wooden headboard I got from a garage sale for 5 bucks, which I spray painted with chalk board paint. The tray is a Goodwill find I got for a buck also spray painted with chalkboard paint. It was silver and rusty in spots and the pain covered it perfectly. I use both of these about twice a month for various functions and holidays.

I like the idea of the sign being the first thing my guests see even before entering the party. It gives them the idea of the festivities and wine list, and makes a fun first impression. I like mixing up different size wine glasses, some with stems and some without. It keeps it whimsical and no so uniform.

Try to have several wine options of both red and white, as well as non-alcoholic options for those friend that don’t drink. Sparkling lemonade or fruity teas are perfect so that they don’t feel like they are sacrificing the celebration. Having several small appetizers spread throughout the space breaks up those crowds, and offers your guests the chance to move around the room verse crowding over a table of food.

And don’t forget to have fun and relax! We all know you put in a lot of effort into this, and you deserve to enjoy it. Your guests can feel when your stressing, so pour yourself a glass and take this time to enjoy yourself and all the hard work you did!

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