Organize for 10 dollars or less!

There are great finds at your local dollar store. I picked up 4 glass vases and some random sized glass containers, some with lids. I always have a few extra baskets lying around so I threw everything in one I wasn’t using, and tada!

You could even leave them out of the basket and just line them up on a empty shelf. If you have any spare vases, cups, mason jars or Tupperware you can repurpose what you have by a little spray paint, glitter nail polish or some designs using permanent marker to mix it up.

3 responses to “Organize for 10 dollars or less!”

  1. Sheridan Johnson Avatar
    Sheridan Johnson

    I love this idea!! Very festive, colorful and creative!


  2. Reblogged this on annalittical and commented:
    Another great idea from ‘ craftythoughts from a foodie mom ‘…
    With my books and pens/pencils/markers (etc) organized, writing will be a piece of cake!

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  3. WOW! This can help with all the mess I have going on! Thank you for sharing!

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