Fast Food Hacks

Did you know that those little paper cups that hold your condiments were actually made to be pulled apart? Well, they are! If you pull the little folds all around the cup apart it actually holds more and is easier to scoop that last bit of your sauce! Next, I am going to share one of my… Continue reading Fast Food Hacks


Jar of love notes

With Valentine's day just around the corner I try to find special things to do for the ones I love. You can either find a jar with a chalkboard label on it or just make one yourself by taping off a square with painters tape and either painting or spray painting with chalkboard paint. For… Continue reading Jar of love notes


Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Art

Here are some great ideas for your various chalkboards for Valentines Day. I like to get or make smaller chalkboards so I can scatter them around the house for Holidays or cute little notes to my kids. The "Be my Valentine" in written on a silver platter that I got from Goodwill and spray painted with… Continue reading Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Art

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Wine tastings 101

I love having wine tastings with the ladies. I am always looking for little things that separate mine from the rest. This sign is made out of a wooden headboard I got from a garage sale for 5 bucks, which I spray painted with chalk board paint. The tray is a Goodwill find I got… Continue reading Wine tastings 101

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Table toppers for book lovers

We all have those books lying around that we are either currently reading or is on your mental list for reading again. These are some great ways to keep them handy that don't get in your way. I have these two on the sides of my couch for décor and convenience. You can use any… Continue reading Table toppers for book lovers


Organize for 10 dollars or less!

There are great finds at your local dollar store. I picked up 4 glass vases and some random sized glass containers, some with lids. I always have a few extra baskets lying around so I threw everything in one I wasn't using, and tada! You could even leave them out of the basket and just line them… Continue reading Organize for 10 dollars or less!

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Dessert Bar

  This is a great way to showcase your desserts. We did this one for our Open House at work, and it was a hit! The clear plastic square cups are filled with small pieces of different types of cake covered with a whipped frosting and decorative edibles. This way your guests can enjoy a… Continue reading Dessert Bar


Shimmer Mason Light

Simple, cute and inexpensive craft to keep your home glowing all through the year! Spray mason jar with clear frosting spray paint. Before it dries sprinkle on your choice of glitter color. I found the lighter colors work best. Let dry, about 30 minutes. Place a flameless tea light inside and place on your mantle, bookshelf… Continue reading Shimmer Mason Light


Baked Buffalo Mac & Cheese

This is simple, creamy and tasty! I found that Shells & White Cheddar of any brand work best, verse the traditional cheddar macaroni and cheese (the orange kind). Just cook to the specifications on the box, add your favorite buffalo sauce and stir. Top with your favorite cheese, I used mozzarella. And bake uncovered at… Continue reading Baked Buffalo Mac & Cheese


Sedona holds a special place in our hearts

Several times a year we make an effort to take the 2 hour drive north to visit one of our favorite places, Sedona. During the summer months we like to find a great camping spot along the 89A about halfway between downtown Sedona and Flagstaff. Its secluded, quiet and the views are amazing! As the… Continue reading Sedona holds a special place in our hearts